Agritourism resort near Otranto, Apulia, Salento – Baia dei Turchi

The Vigna Corallo Estate is a sophisticated agritourism resort near Otranto. It directly overlooks the wonderful beach of the Baia dei Turchi, one of the most breathtaking sites of Salento, in the southern part of Apulia. It enjoys an utterly privileged position, both for its closeness to the beach and for it quietness. All this makes of Vigna Corallo Estate the perfect solution for those looking for an exclusive agritourism resort in Salento.

Vigna Corallo Estate is just minutes away from the beautiful small city of Otranto.

A thick Mediterranean maquis and a centuries-old oak-wood surround the estate, crosscut by the vineyard, and the whole complex. The latter is built in an evocative architectural style, sophisticated but mindful of the history of these places. It is an agritourism resort on the Baia dei Turchi beach, with a refined style, and magical atmospheres.

The Vigna Corallo Estate, a renowned agritourism resort in Apulia, is therefore a choice of elegance and sophistication, an oasis of peace amidst the greenery of the Mediterranean maquis. In the shade of the aiera, the pool completes the ample guest area.